Substitute Teaching

Would you like to become a Substitute Teacher?
Here are the requirements!

One year of college OR
21 years of age 

Teaching License or
Substitute Teaching

Limited Criminal
History Check

Proof of Degree
(If Applicable) 

A W-4 form 

An I-9 form

An Indiana Teacher
Retirement Number
(If applicable) 

The 1997 Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation requiring all applicants for licensure or relicensure to submit limited criminal history information to the Indiana Professional Standards Board. The effective date is July 1, 1997, no exceptions. The wording of the statute indicates that each time a person submits an application for a license, he/she is an "applicant" and must present an updated criminal history. This can be done by contacting the Human Resources Office (765-825-2178).

Fayette County School Corporation implemented a new automated service called AESOP (Automated Educational Substitute OPerator), which utilizes both the telephone and the Internet to assist you in locating jobs. You may either interact with the system on the Internet at or by way of a toll-free, automated voice instruction menu system at 1-800-942-3767. You may contact AESOP to search for jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet or by phone.

When AESOP calls you, you may be prompted to enter either a PIN number and/or an Identification (ID) number. This information is as follows:

1. ID number is your phone number (example 3175580077) followed by the # key

2. Pin number (last four numbers of your social security number) followed by the # key

* AESOP will provide you with the following details of the assignment.

1. School Name

2. Date(s) of assignment

3. Room or location where you need to report

4. Start time

5. Any further special instructions left by the absence.

* You will then be prompted to either accept or reject the assignment. You will also have the option to reject the assignment as well as all future calls for jobs on the day of the particular assignment. If you accept, AESOP will issue you a confirmation number that you might need in the event of a follow-up inquiry. Please remember that you have not accepted the job until you receive a confirmation number.

A Substitute Teaching Application may be filled out online. Please click on Human Resources to the right and then applications. The office is open from 7:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday (7:30-3:30 during the summer).